PRO Websites (and logos) that Help Make You A Hero With Your Clients… all at an affordable price.

*Our websites come with a side of T.L.C. and Headache-prevention

*Skyesites websites are built with monthly “care plans” included, so your site stays up-to-date, secure, easy-to-use and your design stays fresh. We can design your logo too!

You have a business to run.

You want to gain new clients and make your current clients happy! We know how that feels (because we accomplish that on the regular! #humblebrag).

Let us help you with a clean, professional website that runs well, stays up-to-date and secure, and is easy to use for your clients.

Then you can focus on your business and your clients, and not on geek-speak.

It’s a win-win.

Recent Website Builds

Texas Select

One of the largest custom cutlery events in the great state of Texas. They were growing and needed a helping hand… and man do we have hands.

website design & care plan

custom development

JP Modern Art


Julie is a painter and we helped her get her paintings, coasters and other home decor creations out to the people.

website design & care plan



Phenix Knives

We helped Cowboy get the word out about his historical blacksmith shop and the many fun activities (did someone say Tomahawk throwing?) you can do there.

website design & care plan

Great price to GET going!

Great service to KEEP going!

Good websites are like cars… they need regular maintenance to stay up-to-date and running smoothly and securely.

If you keep them fueled-up and oiled-up they can sure take you places! Same with your website. Your theme and plugins need to stay current with code updates and improvements and especially to stay safe from bugs and hackers. So set off with SkyeSites and it will be smooth sailin’.

Budget-friendly, monthly packages to get you started and keep you going.

Get back to helping your customers by letting us help ours.
And by “ours” we hope that means you.

You don’t want to be a web designer. You want to focus on your own business.

Let us be your web “guide on the side.”

Monthly Care Plans


The Foundation package includes website hosting and the basic necessities to keep your website up and running. Best for the small business or individual who wants to have an online presence but don’t plan on making frequent updates.

Web Hosting

Up to 5 pages of Content

Daily Server-Level Backups

Weekly Software Updates

Google Analytics Setup

+One-time $1500 Setup fee


Business includes hosting plus additional measures to protect & monitor your website 24/7, and up to 60-minutes of time each month to any changes or updates you need. Best for businesses who want to continue improving their website and protect their investment.

All Foundation features, plus…

Up to 10 pages of Content

24/7 Security Monitoring

Daily Malware Scans

2 Thirty-Minute Tasks*

+One-time $1900 Setup fee


Best for a website that is “mission critical” to your business’ success.

All Foundation features, plus…

4 Thirty-Minute Tasks*

Up to 30 Pages of Content

1 Monthly Zoom Strategy Call

24 Hour Response Time

Google Analytics Setup & Training

On-Page SEO of up to 3 pages per month

+One-time $2500 Setup fee

*Thirty-Minute Tasks include content edits, updates, or changes that can be completed in 30-minutes or less. Does not include new functionality or additional pages. Maximum 1 thirty-minute task per day.

We LOVE Logo Design

Need a logo? We would love to help!

In fact, if you sign up for one of our website care plans, we’ll give you a 20% discount on our logo design services.


How long does it take to build our new site?

Usually we are able to get your business a brand new site within 2-4 weeks after signing up and filling out our on-boarding form! This assumes you are able to work with us in getting images, logos, and any copy (text) content over to us. We are all about saving time and getting your new website up and running fast!

How much does it cost sign-up?

We pride ourselves on our affordable pricing. We bill each site on a month to month basis. Once you sign up, we charge a one time setup fee to cover the website production and the core plugins/integrations needed. Then, we capture your payment information to begin your monthly billing. Upon signing, expect to pay your first month and licensing fee. After that, you will only be billed on your month-to-month cost assuming you do not have any custom requests or add-ons. If you are a church or in ministry, contact us to talk about our special ministry plans.

Can you create a logo for us!?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, if you sign-up with us to build your website, we’ll give you 20% off our logo design services. Our logo design packages are 100% original and professionally done (no second-rate logos allowed!). Logo packages start at $499. Contact us to get started!

What is included in your “Foundation” package?

Our Foundation package is setup to make sure your business looks and functions great from the get-go. Your site will be mobile optimized, WordPress integrated to the back end, email support for easy fixes to any issues or questions, blogging capabilities, and a free SSL certificate installed and set up! And don’t forget, YOU can make changes to your own website as well.

We did our best to include the most important features a website should have. From there, you can choose an upgraded package that you think will better fit your unique needs.

Do you do e-commerce websites?

Yes! Just choose one of our monthly plans and then we have e-commerce “add-on” which starts at +$100 extra per month. We use the widely-used, highly-popular WooCommerce suite and would love to help you turn your website into a successful, online cash-register!

Do you handle email?

Nope. We don’t do windows and we don’t do email. Seriously. But don’t worry, if you have extensive email needs, we can point you in the right direction with a quality, recommended email service like Google G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

What am I in charge of?

All you should focus on is owning and renewing your domain name (your www) every year. Your domain is like your property (your home address on the web) and we like to make sure all of our clients have full ownership and control of them. Seriously, it’s that important.

Why subscription? Do you do Paid In Full and Discounts?

We offer a subscription service to help make sure we can actively keep your site up to date and future-proof your online presence while also giving you active support for any issues or changes you may need.

We do not currently offer any paid in full options.

What happens after I sign up?

After signing up we immediately get started on setting up your site’s back end information. While we do that we give YOU a SkyeSites onboarding form to fill out where we collect your logo, favorite images, and break down the copy (text) that appears on each page to best describe your business. From there we use that information to build a clean, functional look to help convert site visitors to possible customers. Then it is usually 5-10 business days until you get to see your new SkyeSite ready to work for you and your business.

What happens to my site if I want to cancel early?

If you cancel prior to your agreement time we have a cancellation fee of 50% of your remaining balance and your site will be scheduled for deletion within 2 weeks. If you want to keep your site and move it to your own host we charge a one-time migration fee to help assist you by packaging up your current database and files and transfer them to you.

Note: If you finish a full 12 month contract and renew for another 12 month contract, we give you a FREE website homepage facelift! Shiny!

My contract time is up, what happens now?

If you renew your contract, we give you a FREE homepage refresh. If you decide to cancel, you can migrate your database and files to a new host of your choice but will lose all support and SkyeSites features. We offer a migration service to help with this which is a one time fee. Contact us for details on this. We help make sure your files migrate smoothly.

Can I use my own hosting provider?

Cheap, shared (i.e. bad) hosting can cause down-time and other headaches, so we prefer to only work with modern, cloud servers for our offering. If you have something like that already, let’s talk.

Client Testimonials

So Happy I found you guys!

“What would I have done without SkyeSites! I tried to spin up my own website and things started off okay and then got way too complex, way too fast. I just want to make art!”

– Julie P.

SkyeSites is our go-to!

“I’ve done three SkyeSites so far and it’s so nice to know that my site stays up-to-date and safe. And when I want to make a little change I can do that myself, or most of the time, I just rely on the pros at SkyeSites.”

Larry S